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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I write more letters... with hopefullness receding

Dear Mr President,


Without offering us Medicare for all, I won't favor any draconian mandatory health insurance. It would only be a giveaway for the big insurance companies, and it would beggar most people who want insurance and cannot afford it now.

Do you actually think we all WANT to be without access to medical insurance?, that we wouldn't buy it if we could afford it, and qualify for it?

With the way the Insurance industry has been abusing the American public, you are ready to hand over to them the lower middle class, mandate that we either:
1. buy insurance that we cannot afford that may or may not pay for any medical care or
2. pay a fine and still not have any insurance

It is high time for Democrats to stop settling for badly flawed second bests and to throw their energy into a first best that could rally popular support and produce a system that serves everyone.


Or, will the Obama Administration be known for breaking ALL of it's promises, starting with transparency, moving on through all that you have promised to the marginalized, and ending up by completely breaking your vow - done three times that I know of - to uphold the Constitution (which prohibits torture, and spying on Americans - both of which you seem to be OKIE DOKIE with)

Time to start doing what's right -
STOP THE WARS - they are unjust, they damage our image worldwide, make our nation less secure, and won't give us what we want and need

MEDICARE FOR ALL - medical care is a right, not a perk of the rich

STOP THE SPYING ON AMERICANS - honor the Bill of Rights

STOP THE TORTURE - BRING THE TORTURERS TO JUSTICE - American Justice demands there be NO difference in the eyes of the law between citizens - no matter how well connected and rich they are

As long as America honors it's principles and lives up to it's own laws, we are and inspiration and do well globally. When we go around acting in opposition to our laws and principles, we are reviled as hypocrites and traitors to the human race.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ahmadinejad looking for Neda's real killer.

Takes cue from OJ's successful defense.

Today's Pic

Chipmunk making himself at home near our watergarden.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Picture Tuesday

Our shade garden is working overtime this rainy year

Pumping out the blossoms all over

Silver Lamium nestled into the native ferns

The Bleeding hearts are sending up hundreds of little baby plants

Yellow primrose nodding in the drizzle

...and my new favorite flower: sleeping kitty

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Cat Blogging

Our sweet kitty. She's 8 years old, and has only a few teeth, but I think she was a pampered kitty because she's very lovey-dovey. She cuddles up with us every night while we watch Rachel Maddow, and purrs like a real motorhead.

I saw several absolutely gorgeous adolescent kitties, as well as scads of adorable kittens, at the rescue house. I wanted to take them all home... but I kept reviewing the list I gave to the rescue people: an older lap cat who is not especially active who loves people and wants to be petted... and we took Yeowser home. The cat rescue lady said she was so glad this kitty got a good family, she was worried no one would choose her since she's older.

So, she's middle aged... it's a great fit, 'cause so are we!

first day home, Hubby says: This is your cat, and you have to take care of it, 'cause I don't particularly like cats...

second day Hubby says: This is OUR cat, and she likes us both...

third day Hubby says: What would you do if I said this is MY cat?

I say: I'd just go right back to the cat rescue house and pick another one for me!

Hubby says: Yep, this is OUR cat!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have for so long wanted a kitty. Hubby wants a dog, dogs take up alot of time*, and thinking that retirement was near and that pets brought home at the same time will get along better, I agreed with Hubby to wait until we both could retire before committing to a pet. Now that the economy is melting down, retirement is looking like a far off option. Our retirement accounts have taken big hits. I figure I got 10 more years of punching the clock now.

So, I've been questioning the idea that I should wait for a cat, I mean, the sum total of training a cat is pretty much dropping them in the cat box and showing them their food and water, am I right?

We got in touch with a cat rescuer in our area, and went to see their kitties last night. We asked for a lap cat, one who was old enough that their personality is set, and who is lazy and likes people.

Meet our new kitty:

She's a total people kitty, and purrs like a muscle car engine at idle - loud and constant - give her any attention, and she purrs. She's very vocal, and when she's not purring, she meows loudly. I've been talking to her since we brought her home... I've been calling her Yeowser - like mouser, only with a Yeow!

The cat rescue people say that with the bad economy, many people are giving up their furry friends, unable to afford to keep them. I was torn at having to only pick one, there were two more there that I would have taken away with me at the drop of a hat, but I have to be realistic...

So, Yeowser, welcome home!

*(dogs: at least 2 hours a day just to walk them, not to mention training the pooch)

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I write my Senator

Dear Senator Lieberman,

I'm writing today to tell you how I feel about the Photos that you are trying to supress, and the idea of government secrecy in general.

Senator, the quickest way to loose the Republic that the founding fathers bequeathed to us is to encourage and install government secrecy.

The quickest way to turn ourselves INTO a good facsimile of what we're spending trillions fighting is to hide whatever we're doing wrong from the American people in the name of protecting the troops. If what we're doing would be dangerous to our troops, if it would precipitate an outcry to Justice at home, if it's patently against our laws, our treaties, and our founding principles - simply stop it, and bring the wrongdoers to meet the blindfolded lady with the scales.

What kind of person would argue that those who ordered torture should be immune from investigation and prosecution?

More important, if those photos are worse than we've already heard(and I cannot sleep at night for thinking about what we might have done that's THAT much worse than what I've already seen...); then it's a direct affront to everything I've been brought up to revere about America. It's a direct affront to every law and Intn'l treaty we have pushed as a civilized nation - hell, it PROVES that we are NOT a civilized nation.

-And YOU're signing on to sweep it all under the rug?

I want you to know that every time I see that you have attached the Graham-Lieberman Amendment to any bill in congress I will be talking to anyone who will listen about how disgusting and terrible the photos must be, and speculating about the depraved and disgusting things they must portray in order that YOU would want them hidden. I will be sure to mention that YOU are trying to cover up this mess all the while holding our troops as a shield in front of YOU and BUSH and CHENEY and OBAMA.

The shite will hit the fan EVERY TIME

Thank You

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