Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Open Letter to Obama's FCC Chair

FCC Head trying to change rules: Shhhhh..... do it now, secretly, while we're all talking about the Cliff.

Dear Mr Genachowski,

Media consolidation is dangerous to our democracy, and I urge you to back off on this subject. Please do not betray the American People by allowing Murdoch and his like to buy up all the TV and newspapers in America. 

Rather, we need the Fairness Doctrine reinstated. It would better serve American democracy to break up the already too consolidated media empires that exist to propagandize on American soil. Fox News is our biggest offender, but most markets in the US are already so much of a monopoly that we do not get the discussion on REAL issues that we need.

Case in point: the american people want 500 million jobs NOW. What do we get? We get all the bobble heads talking 24/7 about THE DEFICIT - we get Austerity in the form of "entitlement reform" by which we mean stripping the social services we have already bought and paid for down to nothing, and giving rich people tax breaks. We get states playing a zero sum game of musical chairs, trying to entice corporations to move minimum wage jobs from one state to another. This is crazy. One town in CT just paid over $100,000.00 per year each for a few tens of jobs, when they could have directly hired more than twice the number of teachers, firefighters, police and janitors to do real work for the townspeople, at a good remuneration rate. 

BUT Deficit deficit deficit, fiscal cliff cliff cliff!! ZOMG, we're gonna die!

The FCC tried to do this in 2003, then again in 2007. They were schooled in the idea that American citizens do care where their news comes from, do care if they are getting a balanced viewpoint, do care if they get all the information they need. 

That a chairman who was appointed by a Democrat should feel free to sneak this through without any feedback from the public, especially when the last two  times this was tried there was a s**t storm and lawsuits and a Senate resolution against this change, well, you're treading in Betrayus territory now.

Corporate America should not be allowed to take over the entire news production in the US - EVER.

Thank You 

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