Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I write more letters... with hopefullness receding

Dear Mr President,


Without offering us Medicare for all, I won't favor any draconian mandatory health insurance. It would only be a giveaway for the big insurance companies, and it would beggar most people who want insurance and cannot afford it now.

Do you actually think we all WANT to be without access to medical insurance?, that we wouldn't buy it if we could afford it, and qualify for it?

With the way the Insurance industry has been abusing the American public, you are ready to hand over to them the lower middle class, mandate that we either:
1. buy insurance that we cannot afford that may or may not pay for any medical care or
2. pay a fine and still not have any insurance

It is high time for Democrats to stop settling for badly flawed second bests and to throw their energy into a first best that could rally popular support and produce a system that serves everyone.


Or, will the Obama Administration be known for breaking ALL of it's promises, starting with transparency, moving on through all that you have promised to the marginalized, and ending up by completely breaking your vow - done three times that I know of - to uphold the Constitution (which prohibits torture, and spying on Americans - both of which you seem to be OKIE DOKIE with)

Time to start doing what's right -
STOP THE WARS - they are unjust, they damage our image worldwide, make our nation less secure, and won't give us what we want and need

MEDICARE FOR ALL - medical care is a right, not a perk of the rich

STOP THE SPYING ON AMERICANS - honor the Bill of Rights

STOP THE TORTURE - BRING THE TORTURERS TO JUSTICE - American Justice demands there be NO difference in the eyes of the law between citizens - no matter how well connected and rich they are

As long as America honors it's principles and lives up to it's own laws, we are and inspiration and do well globally. When we go around acting in opposition to our laws and principles, we are reviled as hypocrites and traitors to the human race.


Blogger robin andrea said...

A great letter, sbgypsy. I'm going to show this to Roger. He writes the President quite often. He'll appreciate this.

10:10 AM, July 05, 2009  

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