Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I write my Senator

Dear Senator Lieberman,

I'm writing today to tell you how I feel about the Photos that you are trying to supress, and the idea of government secrecy in general.

Senator, the quickest way to loose the Republic that the founding fathers bequeathed to us is to encourage and install government secrecy.

The quickest way to turn ourselves INTO a good facsimile of what we're spending trillions fighting is to hide whatever we're doing wrong from the American people in the name of protecting the troops. If what we're doing would be dangerous to our troops, if it would precipitate an outcry to Justice at home, if it's patently against our laws, our treaties, and our founding principles - simply stop it, and bring the wrongdoers to meet the blindfolded lady with the scales.

What kind of person would argue that those who ordered torture should be immune from investigation and prosecution?

More important, if those photos are worse than we've already heard(and I cannot sleep at night for thinking about what we might have done that's THAT much worse than what I've already seen...); then it's a direct affront to everything I've been brought up to revere about America. It's a direct affront to every law and Intn'l treaty we have pushed as a civilized nation - hell, it PROVES that we are NOT a civilized nation.

-And YOU're signing on to sweep it all under the rug?

I want you to know that every time I see that you have attached the Graham-Lieberman Amendment to any bill in congress I will be talking to anyone who will listen about how disgusting and terrible the photos must be, and speculating about the depraved and disgusting things they must portray in order that YOU would want them hidden. I will be sure to mention that YOU are trying to cover up this mess all the while holding our troops as a shield in front of YOU and BUSH and CHENEY and OBAMA.

The shite will hit the fan EVERY TIME

Thank You


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