Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have for so long wanted a kitty. Hubby wants a dog, dogs take up alot of time*, and thinking that retirement was near and that pets brought home at the same time will get along better, I agreed with Hubby to wait until we both could retire before committing to a pet. Now that the economy is melting down, retirement is looking like a far off option. Our retirement accounts have taken big hits. I figure I got 10 more years of punching the clock now.

So, I've been questioning the idea that I should wait for a cat, I mean, the sum total of training a cat is pretty much dropping them in the cat box and showing them their food and water, am I right?

We got in touch with a cat rescuer in our area, and went to see their kitties last night. We asked for a lap cat, one who was old enough that their personality is set, and who is lazy and likes people.

Meet our new kitty:

She's a total people kitty, and purrs like a muscle car engine at idle - loud and constant - give her any attention, and she purrs. She's very vocal, and when she's not purring, she meows loudly. I've been talking to her since we brought her home... I've been calling her Yeowser - like mouser, only with a Yeow!

The cat rescue people say that with the bad economy, many people are giving up their furry friends, unable to afford to keep them. I was torn at having to only pick one, there were two more there that I would have taken away with me at the drop of a hat, but I have to be realistic...

So, Yeowser, welcome home!

*(dogs: at least 2 hours a day just to walk them, not to mention training the pooch)


Blogger myrhh said...

awwww.... cute kitty. Glad you finally got a kitty. Yeowser is great name. Send email updates on news. I sent you one awhile back.

9:54 AM, June 12, 2009  
Blogger robin andrea said...

Oh yes. She's a beauty. What a wonderful addition to your family. Great name too. And, I totally agree with you about dogs. It's why we don't have one.

10:16 AM, June 14, 2009  

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