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Monday, February 09, 2009

Quote of the day

Well, I think from the beginning, when the Speaker of the House said, 'We won so we're writing the bill,' that set the stage. It was put through both House and Senate without serious, fundamental, at-the-beginning discussions and negotiations with Republicans. Democrat staffers, as we speak, started last night -- and by the way, we just got the bill last night at 11 o'clock, 778 pages -- they're negotiating now. They will come up with a bill, but unfortunately Republicans will not be involved in those negotiations. And I regret that.

In the interest of full disclosure, that's the way the Bush administration, when we were in charge, that's the way we did business. But I thought we were going to have change. And that change meant that we worked together. ~John McCain 02/08/09 (my ems)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's a ..... Movement!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Pic of the day

Ain't it the truth!!!

Open Letter to Citibank

Citibusiness Platinum Select Cards

Dear Sir or Madam:

After recently receiving Billions of dollars from the US taxpayers I get a notice in my bill that you are not only raising the interest rate on business credit cards to nearly 30%, you are instigating a new $40.00 fee* with draconian and egregious rules. I consider this shameless and unpatriotic.

Please cancel my two credit cards and send me the final bills, because I no longer want to do business with predatory corporations.

Thank you and good night

*The new fee reads as follows:....
"We add a $39 fee to the standard purchase balance if your account balance exceeds your credit line at any time during the billing period. We add this fee even if transactions we authorize or periodic finance charges, fees, and other charges you incur are a reason the account balance exceeds your credit line. We add this fee even if the account balance falls below your credit line by the end of the billing period.

I actually got the boss (who is a big republican) to sign it with that wording!

Longing For Summer...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Quote of the day

They equated power with the power to destroy. ~Tom Engelhardt

...from his new post at Tom Dispatch

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