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Friday, October 27, 2006

Never Argue with a Woman

From an email:

One morning the husband returns after several hours of fishing and decides to take a nap. Although not familiar with the lake, the wife decides to take the boat out. She motors out a short distance, anchors, and reads her book.

Along comes a Game Warden in his boat. He pulls up alongside the woman and says,
"Good morning, Ma'am. What are you doing?"

"Reading a book," she replies, (thinking, "Isn't that obvious?")
"You're in a Restricted Fishing Area," he informs her.

"I'm sorry, officer, but I'm not fishing. I'm reading."

"Yes, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment. I'll have to take you in and write you up."

"If you do that, I'll have to charge you with sexual assault," says the woman.

"But I haven't even touched you," says the game warden.

"That's true, but you have all the equipment. For all I know you could start at any moment."

"Have a nice day ma'am," and he left.

MORAL: Never argue with a woman who reads. It's likely she can also think.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Final Debate

The final debate in the senate race between Lieberman, running Independent, and two challengers was monday night. I must admit, the most relaxed one there was the candidate for the Republican party, Alan Schlesinger, perhaps because he has little chance of winning.

Lamont kept to his set speeches, with the exception of once when Lieberman had the gall to call him a liar, and again later on.

Stephanopolous(the moderator) didn't have the guts or the balls to keep Lieberman to any time limit, and he droned on in his whiney-est, most irritating voice. He openly blamed the hecklers on Lamont, though they were supporters of Lyndon Larouch. With the $37 thousand in unattributed disbursements from his illegal slush fund hanging like a black cloud over his head, he accused Lamont of buying votes. Talk about projection, he seems to have inherited Karl Rove's playbook.

When the debate was over, Torture Joe had a spat with our Ned, calling the latest mailing by Lamont a lie. The mailing points out that Old Joe has been bought by the oil cartel, and was the only Dem in CT to vote for Bush's energy bill, after recieving a ton of money from big oil interests.

Sorry Joe - you're running on your record, and it just ain't lookin' that good right now.

Article Here

Sunrise over the central Connecticut farmland.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Renaissance Faire : Arms & Armour

For my final Ren Faire post (I know y'all are probably real tired of this) I present the Human chess game. The rules are much the same as chess, with people taking the place of the chess pieces on a big chessboard drawn in the grass. The difference is that the plays count on the outcome of the contest that ensues when a player tries to capture the opponent's chess piece. Yep, that's right - the board area is cleared, and the human chess pieces engage in single combat for the contested square. So, here we present:

Sir Lancelot in blue, top right, playing King with his Queen.
Some of his players are in the foreground.

The Challenger, who has a grievance against Sir Lancelot - he abused and killed her father.

King Arthur presides as judge and umpire of the proceedings.

The black knight concedes defeat after being disarmed.

King Arthur, stepping in as champion, takes on his jester.

The chambermaid, in green, was called to fight the doughty warrior, and petitioned the judge, King Arthur, for a champion. He allowed her the help of a previously wounded combatant, so it's tag team time.

I took staff fighting class when I was into Kung Fu, And yes you can defeat a sword with a
Long Staff!

Dame Fiona, who jousted in the lists with Sir Lancelot, and sadly, lost.

The Armorer. We hung out and watched him for awhile.

The armorer's tools. He had coals glowing in the drysink next to the tools. I've never seen a fire hot enough to do soldering and bend steel in a wooden box!

This suit of armor no longer fits the owner, but it looks good just hangin' there.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Truth to Power

Billboard on Rt 95 in Stratford CT

With a hattip to Shakespere's Sister

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy Halloween, May you get what you deserve on Nov 7th!

From the Dark Wraith Forums, a halloween message.

Monday, October 16, 2006

The Renaissance Faire's Bazar, Part II

The Maker of Swords and other sharp pointy weapons...

Ok, I know there's a word for that, but I can't remember, and Jeeves doesn't know either.

The Swordsmith's webpage is here

Click the third pic for a closeup of this dagger's blade! Beauteous watermarks. I've been fascinated by weapons, and martial arts, and what they do to culture for years. These hand made weapons are physically beautiful, and wickedly businesslike.

And... He called this a gauntleted push dagger,(in the last photo - firefox puts this blurb in the wrong place). What a wicked blade - it could do some major damage.

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Renaissance Faire's Bazar, Part I

One of the first stalls that drew me in was this merchant selling blown glassware. The late morning sun still held the clear white light that made these vessels glow.

My pic does not do this tall vase justice! To contact The Lady of Vessels at ewl studios, email

Right next to the glass stall, there was a merchant selling beautiful renaissance styled clothing. This wedding dress looks like it's ready to go.

They had a wedding the weekend we were there, and they were allowing the interested a peek at the wedding tent before the festivities. Sumptuous is my word.

...and of course there were the Dragons! The merchant who displayed these guys is here, with just about everything Celtic or mystical, but ? dragons....?

And my favorite, the amber collection. I'm wearing the earrings in the top right corner...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Excellent post over at the Vanity Press

Chester Scoville, (formerly known as the Green Knight) Speaks.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

CAT Blogging!

A couple takes a vacation, comes home to a huge water bill. They call and complain, but the meter does not lie. They got to the bottom of it, it's the cat's fault - really!

*disclaimer: someone emailed this to me - people in vid unknown,

Zoltan The Adequate

The Renaissance Faire was so fun, and we hit it on the only really fine day this weekend. They had four or five stages going all the time, and a storyteller's nook under a tree. There was always something interesting happening. The first show we were drawn into was the Magician's show, Zoltan The Adequate. After each trick, he would ask the audience: "Was that not brilliant, Was that not amazing?" and the audience's line was: "NO! JUST ADEQUATE!"

Here he's trying to get out of the manacles that the young lady padlocked on his wrists. (took him quite a while)

Here he's doing a card trick. It was hilarious, and he never did guess which card was drawn. In fact, he kept guessing every once in awhile as the show progressed. He also did fire-eating. He said it was kerosene, but I kept thinking that Vodka would be better, all around.

The sherriff of Nottingham ran a game show, the Lord and Lady against the villeins. One question: What are animals that are found on the farm? One answer: Peasants.
(Now, is it just me, or does he have a passing resemblance to someone we know?)

And then there was The Popra Show. X-rated, they kept having to ask the people with kids to take them elsewhere. The "Pope" was inclined to lustfulness; and with a "cardinal" who was flaming gay (he wore fuscia lace trimmed bloomers - don't ask) they took the stage with a "dedicated curser" pulled from the audience. *hilarious*

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Sunday Dragon Blogging

Yesterday we went to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire, and what a fun time! Several of the booths had dragons - dragon heaven, as it were! This one resided in the Enchanted Gifts & Collectables booth, They seemed to take very good care of him, and his brother.

More - many more pics to follow.

*click on the pic for a larger view.

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