Thursday, July 03, 2014

Open Letter

To the Ombudsman at the Washington Post (

 Dear Mr Doug Feaver,

 I read George Will's column the other day with growing disbelief. At first I thought he must be doing some very snarky satire. I waited for the punch line. The only punch I got was a metaphorical left hook to the kisser.

 I had the horrible thought that he could use an object lesson, followed closely with the question - just why is it that conservatives cannot understand the pain and anguish that a human being who has been assaulted sexually goes through? They must be wired wrong in the head.

I thought, what editor in their right mind would print such rubbish? Never mind the dearth of empathy, The column ignores a real and growing problem in the US with rape in general and campus rapes in particular, and the way they are (not) reported, (not) investigated, and (not) punished. That an editor of a major national newspaper would publish a column written by anyone which makes light the burden of sexual assault - never mind a nationally known figure - 0h well, I just assumed that a big part of an editor's job is preventing their stable of columnists from embarrassing themselves and the paper they work for by making insensitive and factually wrong assumptions about people and situations they obviously know nothing about.

 The fact that George Will proceeded to double down on his idiotic statements in the next few days just shows how little he deserves his exalted position.

Do me a favor, please: tell George Will to STFU if he cannot make sense.

 His slip is showing. It's a particularly ugly one, one we've seen before, we're tired of it.

With all sincerity
Susan H

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inspired by : Crooks & Liars Lisa Sendrow interview


Blogger robin andrea said...

Great letter, Susan H. It is mind-boggling to me that anyone in their right mind would take such a position on rape. As a rape victim, I was outraged by his absurd, offensive, and dangerous assertions. But the right wing fanatics of our country have gone so far outside of any rational thought, even rape is tool for their lunatic agenda.

3:00 PM, July 09, 2014  

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