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Friday, March 29, 2013


I haven't been in one for almost 20 years. ...And I stopped going there just because I couldn't find any American made products on their shelves. I am so disgusted with them now, I wish there was something else I could do besides boycotting them.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Open Letter to Nancy Pelosi

               House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi
                235 Cannon HOB
                Washington, D.C. 20515
                Phone: (202) 225-4965

                Dear Nancy Pelosi,

                No cuts to Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid please.
                No how, No way, Not ever!

                There is a perfectly good Progressive budget out (I
                understand the republican house won’t pass it, but why is it
                never mentioned at all?). I would urge you to tout that budget
                at every opportunity.

                If President Obama has his way and is the first Democrat
                to cut our entitlements (they are called entitlements because
                we already PAID for them, and we are ENTITLED to them),
                the Democrat brand will be degraded to the point that I will
                agree with the Villagers: the parties are both the same, and to
                bother getting up and going out to vote for the dems anymore
                is not only useless, but asinine.

                Social Security should be using a CPI that takes into account
                all the money we pay for medical care. I am 60, and I now
                pay a cool thousand dollars a month for health insurance. By
                the time I am old enough for Medicare, I will have spent
                enough to buy a house on the last five years of health
                insurance.  I am currently unemployed, and if I were
                unmarried and was dependent upon my savings and
                unemployment insurance, I would be unable to go to the
                doctor despite my gold and diamond encrusted insurance
                policy, because I would be unable to pay Copay/deductible.

                Medicare would be strengthened by allowing people younger
                than 65 to buy their way in. It would cost me half what I pay
                now to buy into Medicare, and I’d probably get better care for
                my money. That would leave me with the wherewithal to
                afford the Copay/deductible, and still leave some extra
                spending power that could do a little bit toward reviving
                the economy, rather than watch my money disappear into
                the bank account of the money grubbing president of the

                Our economy would be better off if we expanded Social
                Security, rather than cutting it. It would stimulate our
                economy, if we let some people in their early sixties
                retire and let the youngers have their jobs. Businesses
                would profit from paying less for the same or better
                work, the economy would benefit from lower unemployment,
                the youngers would benefit from having the job. The govern-
                ment would not be paying out much more, and the stimulus
                would end up paying for itself.

                Enter the chained CPI – that which says that if our elders
                cannot afford chicken, they can eat chicken cat food,
               (Mmmmmm, Fancy Feast Chicken and Liver) and we all
                should take advantage of that when we are making out
                their social security checks.

                Moreover, if the President insists on making a deal that cuts
                Social Security and Medicare, even (or especially with the
                chained CPI) I for one am ready to chain myself to the
                White house fence to stop that.

                Please let President Obama know, since he reportedly does
                not read his own email anymore, that if he does go with the
                chained CPI, there’ll be a -storm, and it will not smell very
                nice from where he sits. He may not ever again need to win
                an election or depend on the trust of the Democratic party’s
                rank and file, but the rest of you in Washington DC
                will and do.

                Thank you for making sure that there are NO cuts to Medicare
                and Social Security.

               No cuts – NO how. NO way. NOT ever.

               Any prosperous, civilized country should have a robust social
               safety net; and we are the most prosperous, if not the most
               civilized country in this world.

               Voting Democrat since 1970

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