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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Save Our Tax Dollars: Leagalize Marijuana

"...hemp looks poised to be approved, albeit at a moderate “university study” level, in this year’s Farm Bill. It’s another huge victory that reflects the will of the people. Folks would do well to get their U.S. senators on board for the fight, because the lobbyists for the Drug Enforcement Administration, bless them, are still sending the old laughable untruths about hemp in memos to legislators: kids could smoke it anyway, it looks like psychoactive cannabis. "

Mark Karlin, Truthout | Interview

Well, cow corn looks like sweet corn, but the kids I knew back in the day only made that mistake once. Farmers don't have to worry about kids raiding their corn fields for an illicit corn feast, because cow corn is mushy and not sweet.

Kids who might raid a hemp field will get a nice headache, but they won't get high, and they'll never do it again.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

There's a reason they call it "Going Postal"

Digby chronicles the rise of the militarized police force in the US.

The only thing I have to add: After Vietnam, the occupation that was the easiest to enter and the best compensation right away for returning soldiers was the Postal Service. Vets who could do well on the civil service exam got extra points for each deployment, and lots of them became mailmen. 

When their PTSD went untreated, many of them went bananas and started shooting up post offices across the nation. These mail carriers did not have access to combat weapons, most of which were banned for civilian use at the time.

These days, the combat vets are hiring on with police and the FBI and the private security forces across this nation. They are equipped with military style weapons and armament, they are used to controlling a civilian population that they either distrusted or despised or suspected of trying to kill them. They are used to having no compunction about damaging that civilian population. They are used to breaking down doors and shooting the first thing that moves.

 What happens when they start "Going Postal"? Do we really want to unleash that upon our towns and neighborhoods?



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