Saturday, July 04, 2009

Conversation overheard in local grocery store -

The mother looks like one of those tennis moms, kid is boy, mid grade school, in striped shirt and shorts:

Kid: Hey Mom, they have purple cabbage!

Mom: What's purple cabbage?

Kid: It's the good kind! (singsong)Green Cabbage bad, Purple cabbage good. Can we get some Mom?

[you would think any normal parent would jump at the chance to encourage their child to eat veggies of any kind, not to mention having the kid beg for it...]

Mom: Well, how do you COOK it?

Kid: You don't cook it, you put it in salad. Can we get some? It's really yum.

Mom browses off.... totally ignoring the said cabbage.

Hell, I raised my kids vegetarian for the first half of their childhood, and I was still trying to get them to eat more veggies!

Some adults are just too farking stupid to make good parents.

*grouches off to snarl at dog on lawn*


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