Saturday, September 09, 2006

Bush's EPA is at it Again!

EPA Proposes Easing Pollution Rules

WASHINGTON - The Bush administration proposed easing environmental rules Friday to allow oil refineries and other industries to change how they calculate whether they need pollution control equipment.

The oil refinery industry says the eased regulation would open the way for production of more oil and other products. But environmental groups say the proposed rules are gimmicks and loopholes allowing industry to emit more pollution, evade pollution controls and save money.

"This is a big gift to the refinery industry," said Frank O'Donnell, president of Clean Air Watch, an environmental watchdog group. "They are saying let's close our eyes and pretend pollution is not happening."
John Walke, Natural Resources Defense Council's clean air director, said EPA is doing little more than proposing accounting gimmicks that allow industry to evade installing pollution controls by considering smaller pollution amounts, rather than pollution from an entire plant.

"It's a way to allow industry to pollute more without cleaning up," Walke said.

EPA must allow 60 days for public comment on its proposed rules before making the rules permanent.

I was watching a science program on tv the other night, and there were some young people showcased in their grassroots effort to document the pollution in the surf and on the beach, I think it was at Malibu. The reason they were going to all the trouble was that the surfers are getting sick. Young healthy people at the prime of their lives, getting sick from swimming in our waters.

My son surfed malibu regularly in the 80's, and he didn't get sick all the time!

And now they want to drill offshore in California waters, and in the parts of the Gulf that have always been protected. These criminals who are running our country into the ground have no shame, and no desire to protect what's really vital to our prosperity and even our survival.

A POX on them, I say!


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