Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More Pics...

We went for our yearly visit to Bill's Seafood down by the shore. My sweetie took the Seafood Platter for two,

While I had teh Fra Diovolo. YUMMMM!

The Gulls keep watch for morsels.

Back at the house

the day was beautiful

and the garden was soaking up what sun it can get...

Meanwhile, I write letters....

Dear Mr President,

This week is the most important week so far in the health care struggle. We progressives can keep the phones of most of Congress ringing, but I think more is necessary this time around.

When you do a press conference this week, you must appeal to all of the folks who are following this but have not yet raised their voices. Ask them to write a letter(the phones are already ringing) or even simpler: a postcard.

Give them five words: Robust Public Option Day One

Let the clowns in congress see the tide of public opinion.

Thank You


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