Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Stream in the Woods

My ride home takes me past this stream. The other day it was so warm and sunny for a change, I stopped and took some pics.

It will be a few more weeks before the skunk cabbage is up and the threat of snow is over. Right now, all that's green is the moss and evergreens.

I just love the sight and sound of rushing water.
* click on the pic for a larger view.


Blogger Kitchen Window Woman said...

Beautiful photos. I can almost hear the water and feel the crispness in the air.

2:07 PM, April 01, 2007  
Blogger robin andrea said...

I keep thinking we're the last to get spring, but then I read that you don't have much green yet. Our daffodils and hyacinths are blooming. The orchard is in blossom. Your creek is beautiful, and soon it will be verdant and lush.

6:23 PM, April 01, 2007  
Anonymous oldwhitelady said...

Those are great photos. I also love the sound and sight of creeks. It's always a great enjoyment when spring arrives and lots of rain pours down. The streams get overfilled, they rush through, burbling and gurgling on their way. I can hear your photos. They are delightful!

9:29 PM, April 01, 2007  
Blogger SB Gypsy said...

Welcome, Kitchen Window Woman!... and thank you, I hope you enjoy. Y'all come back now.

Hey Robin, We're actually early here in CT. Up in VT and Maine, they still must have snow. Short as this winter was, I still can't wait for the warm weather. Only a couple more weeks.

Hey, OWL, I just love the water. We turned on our pond this weekend, and sat out on the deck for the first meal of this year. I had my jacket on and got cold fast, but the air is clear, fragrant, and absolutely FILLED with birds calling. I went out there in the morning for five minutes, searched for the birds I was hearing, and only saw a couple.

9:54 AM, April 02, 2007  

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