Friday, March 30, 2007

The Last Throes

Jimmy Lohan:

Clearly, the "insurgency" conjured by Cheney's diabolical imagination is nowhere near defeat. Any semi-conscious observer can see that Bush-sponsored anti-Americanism is thriving and growing geometrically. For the last 6 months, this supposedly withering "insurgency" has been killing, on average, 3 American troops and wounding 18 every day. That equates to one of our guys getting killed and six wounded every eight hours. That's one dead and six wounded while we are at work, another dead and six more wounded while we are home from work eating dinner and watching television, and another dead and six more wounded while we are sleeping - every day. These deaths and maimings of American forces are occurring at a higher rate now than any other six-month period since the invasion of Iraq four years ago.

Go here for the rest - chock fill of snarky goodness!


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