Monday, December 19, 2005

House Opens Way for Oil Drilling in Artic

Not only is drilling in ANWR back on the table, in their last session before the Holiday break, Congress went through with their cuts to services to the poor and to students; and cuts to medicaid.
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Republicans originally put the savings at $41.6 billion, but that figure was later reduced to $39.7 billion with restoration of Medicare payments for oxygen patients, a late concession to lawmakers with interests in the durable medical equipment industry.

Look closely at that last paragraph. They were going to cut services to patients who need oxygen to survive, but they didn't do it because? ... They were concerned about their constituents who make medical equipment.

Talk about cold.

"There is something especially outrageous about the willingness of the majority party leadership to allow the Defense Department bill, in a time of war, to be held hostage to totally unrelated special interest items," Obey said.

GOP conservatives, disturbed that their party has overseen a surge in government spending and massive federal deficits, applauded a provision in the defense bill that would cut all discretionary federal programs, except those affecting veterans, by 1 percent in fiscal 2006, producing savings of $8.5 billion.

They also hoped to take home news of the $40 billion deficit-cutting bill, which will hardly make a dent in the nation's $8 trillion debt but would be the first time since 1997 that Congress has reined in the growth in spending on federal benefits programs.
~ emphasis mine

Seems to me, with a 3 trillion surplus under Clinton, we didn't need to "rein in the growth in spending" on our people, our citizen infrastructure(students), our poor and elderly, our sick and debilitated citizens.

Mr Bush said in his latest speech: "To retreat before victory would be an act of recklessness and dishonor and I will not allow it."

I say, starting a war on people who were not threatening us is reckless and irresponsible.

Emptying our treasury and driving us into deep debt is reckless and irresponsible.

Leaving our borders and ports open and accessible to anyone who wishes us harm is reckless and irresponsible.

Hobbling our schools with unfunded mandates is not only irresponsible, it will blight our children's and our country's future.

Dividing the country, in time of war(of choice), along political, racial, class, and sexual orientation lines is HIGHLY Irresponsible.

Washington needs a wake up call. When politicians who are elected to look after our interests are more interested in money grubbing, power grubbing, and having their name engraved on the bill that makes their career, it becomes time to clean house. It's time to kick them all out on their asses. There are very few in congress or the senate who are there for the strengthening of our country: look at what they do! They passed that defense spending bill 308-106, even with all the poison pills embedded in it, and Murtha says they will ask for another 100 billion for the war next year!

And Mr Bush, I say to you, Starting a war to rape a country of it's oil is DISHONORABLE.


Blogger Rexroth's Daughter said...

Has there ever been such a bleak and dark time in our country's history. Tax cuts, domestic spying, voter fraud. How will we ever get rid of these tyrants?
Paper ballots. Vote on paper.

11:46 AM, December 19, 2005  
Blogger The Fat Lady Sings said...

Brilliant, Gypsy - and you are, as always - absolutely right! They are cold, unfeeling narcissists whose only interest in humanity is how much money can people funnel into their pockets. I must say my blood still boils at each new example of indifference. By the time this administration is done, America will have been strip mined of every useful resource and abandoned as useless slag.

1:02 PM, December 19, 2005  
Blogger wanda said...

With the way the poor, and the elderly in this country are being screwed (see MY post for today) is there little wonder they'd think nothing of raping the land as well.
Rexroth's daughter says it well. "Has there ever been such a bleak and dark time in our country?"
I believe she also clearly see's the beginning of a soloution. "Paper ballots. Vote on paper"

Every voting American should stand up and refuse to vote using these paperless voting machines. Whether they are 'tampered' with or not, they are instruments that leave us with no true record of what our vote was.

2:43 PM, December 19, 2005  
Anonymous Lab Kat said...

Right behind spying on people illegally.

This man doesn't think he is president, he thinks he is god.

11:43 PM, December 19, 2005  
Blogger SB Gypsy said...

"If this were a dictatorship, it would be a heck of a lot easier – so long as I'm the dictator."............George W Bush, on the campaign trail, 1999

... If only we had really listened to what he was saying!

Whenever he goes off the script he opens his mouth and the truth falls out, for those who are paying attention.

Has it ever been bleaker? I think yes, but not in living memory.

That's what's so insidious about these elitist bastards, we thought we had won all those battles(civil rights, stupid wars, environmental protection and pollution cleanup), and now they're all back for us to start again from square one.

And the crying shame of it all is that the majority of the people of the US are all for most of the progressive legislation that has been passed, yet our elected officials are voting to take it all away. And because they hide their agenda in critical legislation, and don't release copies until there's no time to find out what's in a bill before they vote, we find it hard to hold anyone responsible for the stinking corrupt legislation that gets passed thru arm wrestling the moderates into submission.

10:24 AM, December 20, 2005  

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