Friday, January 15, 2010

Open Letter to Rep Joe Courtney(D)

Dear Rep Courtney,

In the last fourty years I have watched our country move relentlessly to the far right, now so far right that I would begin to classify the US as a rightwing government even when the Democratic Party is in the majority.

For the last year, I have watched the health care bill start out weak, and be compromised to the point where now the only substance left in the Senate bill is the features that will enrich the Insurance Companies, at the expense of the health and wellbeing of the taxpayers.

We all know that the least expensive route to universal care is Medicare For All. Not only could that not get a fair hearing, it got no hearing at all. If the Senate version of health care reform passes into law, it will only prove that the DemocRATS can sell themselves into prostitution to the Corporations faster than the Republicans did.
(I will say here that I have never voted for a republican, and never will)

After watching DADT remain in force despite promises to the contrary, GITMO remain open despite promises to the contrary, Mercenaries remain as a growing sector of our military... After waiting for the criminals of the previous administration to be investigated and brought to justice - in vain... After watching the politicians that we progressives worked so hard to elect turn around and sell their vote to the highest(corporate) bidder... After watching a couple of Senate Democrats hold legislation hostage for the ransom of millions of dollars for their states... After watching the same people who brought us the financial disaster sweep in to loot our treasury and enrich their cronies(Geithner, Summers, and Bernanke)... After watching the president demand billions in supplemental funds for the wars he promised to at least put on the books...

The Democratic Party seems to have lost the page that they wrote down the party platform and ideals on. If I wanted to elect a politician who would forget what prompted my vote,and then smear scat all over Justice, Liberty and the American Worker, I could have just stayed home and let the republicans win.


Why, I ask you, should I bother to go to the polls in November?

I would like a real answer to this question, in your own words, not a form letter.

Thank You
SB Gypsy


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