Thursday, November 19, 2009

My republican brother (who's also my boss)

...thinks it's hilarious that I should want to go to physical therapy for my rotator cuff pain. (This is the same one who, whenever someone calls in sick, thinks they're slacking.) Now it's that the doctors and therapists are ripping us all off by providing health care.

He usta be pretty smart, but now he thinks global warming is a big plot to hobble the free market.

He went to college for years and years(during the vietnam war) but now he thinks Darwin was a fool, and life on earth started when an ancient spaceship was just cleaning out it's ballast tanks into the primal ocean.

He also thinks we should be paying down the deficit before inflation gets us all.

He buys gun after rifle after shotgun, and packs heat to work, where he spends a lot of time reloading bullets.

He thinks that during the coming breakdown in civilization, he'll be selling bullets in order to buy food.

This in a place where you're more likely to hit a deer on the road than have the car you regularly leave unlocked overnight in the driveway stolen.




Sometimes it seems like the whole world is going crazy.


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