Tuesday, October 27, 2009

This is Why...

~sunrise, 10/27/9 Coventry CT
...Healthcare is a moral issue.

Biologics are drugs made from living organisms, and they are considered the miracle drugs of the future. They are the new “blockbuster” drugs for the pharmaceutical industry. Herceptin, for breast cancer, costs $48,000 a year, and many insurance companies won’t cover it — or people quickly hit their limits and must pay for it out-of-pocket or go without.


...under the Eshoo/Barton amendment that passed in the House (Hagen/Enzi/Hatch in the Senate), it could “evergreen” and not be sold in generic form–virtually forever.

As Firedog Lake's Jane Hamsher says:


If Big Medical is not interested in serving their customers in a way that fosters health and saves money, then I say it's long past time for *MEDICARE FOR ALL*
- go ahead and raise my taxes, just get control of these criminal corporations who are taking our money and not delivering on healthcare.


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