Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How about a Citizen's Protection Act..

Robert Reich Says:

Push Congress to enact the “Shareholder Protection Act.”

For many years, anti-union lobbyists have pushed what they call “pay-check protection” laws, supposedly designed to protect union members from being forced, through their dues, to support union political activities they oppose. Under such laws — already in effect in several states — no union dues can be spent for any political purpose unless union members agree.

The same principle should protect shareholders from being forced to spend their share of corporate earnings in favor of or against a particular candidate. Surely a First Amendment that protects corporate free speech protects individuals no less.

Under a shareholder protection law, shareholders would not have to spend their share of corporate earnings on candidates who they personally oppose. If a company dedicates, say, $100,000 to a particular campaign in a given year — directly, or indirectly through a front organization — shareholders who don’t want their money used this way would get a special dividend or additional shares representing their pro rata share of that campaign expenditure.

For so many years the anti choice crowd has gotten away with saying : "no abortions with MY money!!" to the extent that the sentiment is now engraved in our very laws.

How about "NO MORE WARS with MY money!!"

Why can't I say that?


An idea I once read about: Make the last page of your tax return a questionnaire on how you want your tax dollars spent. Make it binding rather than a suggestion. Make it the base of the next budget.

It would bring the power of the "free market" to the decisions that Congress is trying to weasel out of.


Blogger robin andrea said...

I like these ideas. I've always wanted a way for my one little voice to be heard. Since our representative democracy has failed us, we absolutely need to find a way to convey what our needs are. I certainly don't expect the very rich nor corporations to speak on my behalf.

9:25 PM, January 26, 2010  

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