Friday, May 23, 2008

Another Quote of the Day

...this one was so good, I couldn't resist.

“It sounds like the coalition of the willing is the coalition of the paid — they’re willing to be paid,” said Mr. Waxman

The Article

Hattip goes to Hullabaloo


Blogger oldwhitelady said...

Ha! That's a darned good quote, even without going and reading the article. :)

I'm sorry I don't visit as often as I would like. It takes a long to open up sites, and I have such a hard time getting to the comments for some reason. I think it's the computer I'm using. It's nothing like the broken one! That one might have been slow, but nothing like the snail's pace this one shows!

10:06 PM, May 26, 2008  
Blogger SB Gypsy said...

Hey OWL,

I'm just glad you can show up at all. I think we all wish for super fast computers with lightning speed "intertubes"! Now, THAT would be a great campaign promise. :)

1:36 PM, May 29, 2008  

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