Wednesday, April 02, 2008

From DDay over @ Hullabaloo:

Spencer Ackerman posted an email from a junior officer in Iraq that is as level-headed as you can get.

In my opinion, what everyone fails to realize is that this is not a counterinsurgency. If we wanted to stay in Iraq, then it would be a counterinsurgency. But it is clear that our goal is to turn over power and pull out. So, in building our strategic endstate, it's pointless to set goals that relate to our presence in Iraq. If the "insurgency" is a function of our being there, then it is not an insurgency in terms of our endstate. For example, if one of our goals is to stop IED attacks on US forces, that is pointless. When we leave, there will be no more IED attacks on us forces. So our endstate needs to be different. We need to ask "if we left tomorrow, what would happen in Iraq?" and from there, we need to determine which of those anticipated results are unacceptable to us. Then we must aim our efforts on making sure those unacceptable results do not occur.

When I look at the problem that way, it becomes almost impossible to find a purpose in what we do. Regardless of what we do, the Shia are going to take control. They have completely infiltrated all the security forces. The only kind of leader who could keep them in check was a tyrant like Saddam. And when the Shia take control, as soon as we leave, they are going to be as brutal as they like against the Sunni and there will be little we can do about it. That is what will happen whether we leave tomorrow or in ten years. As far as the foreign fighters, they will leave Iraq when we do. So what are we trying to accomplish here? Train the Iraqi forces? History shows that training forces in the Middle East can backfire. Any training we offer these people will find its way to our terrorist enemies.

All you get from ReThugglikkin's is "We hafta be there because we hafta be there! Do you want chaos there? If we leave there'll be chaos"

I say, maybe Cheney and Bushco and Rummy should have thought of that before they went in and busted up the place.


Blogger robin andrea said...

Great letter. I like how it starts from goals and then outlines how to reach them. That's how it is supposed to work. The problem has always been that this administration didn't want to admit its goals (oil), and we are left with continuously moving goalposts. Yes, the Shia will take over and annihilate the Sunnis. One more absurd ancient feud over made-up religious stories. Ah humanity.

10:04 AM, April 04, 2008  
Blogger SB Gypsy said...

Not only Oil, the unattainable (and what genius decided that we could somehow force the Iraquis to pump the oil out of Iraq at gunpoint???

The big plum has been the carpetbaggers getting rich on war and spoil and the misery of others. Bastards!

6:01 AM, April 07, 2008  

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