Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Nancy, Nancy - You Blink, They Win!

Blink * Blink * Blink * Blink * Blink * Blink * Blink

US House to vote on $70 billion for wars

WASHINGTON - The Democratic-controlled House is expected to give President Bush an end-of-session victory in his yearlong battle with anti-war lawmakers over Iraq by approving $70 billion for U.S. military operations there and in Afghanistan.

The vote Wednesday also would represent the final step in sealing a deal between Democrats and Bush over how much money to provide domestic agencies whose budgets are set each year by Congress. The Iraq funds have been bundled with an omnibus appropriations measure to create a massive $555 billion package that Bush has signaled he will sign.

Providing the war funds was a bitter pill for most Democrats.

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The Senate again rejected raising taxes mainly on users of off-shore tax havens to cover the $50 billion cost of saving millions of taxpayers from having to pay a higher alternative minimum tax on their income this year. The House is expected to vote Wednesday on the tax fix, without imposing higher taxes elsewhere to make up for the lost revenues. The fix will save some 21 million taxpayers an average $2,000 each in higher taxes. The battle had pitted House Democrats who had insisted on raising the revenue elsewhere against President Bush, who said he would veto any tax increase.

Heckova Job, Pelosie!


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