Sunday, December 16, 2007

Calm Between Two Storms

Thursday brought the storm, and Friday was overcast and dull. Saturday morning dawned crisp, clear and cold. I scooted outside to get a shot of our X-mas display with the snow. Later on in the afternoon, it clouded over again, and Sunday was all snow, sleet, and freezing rain.

The Polar Bears join Santa and sleigh this year.

Our backyard. The big lump behind the picnic table is the fish pond with it's covering of plywood, tarp, and mounds of leaves. The fish under there are cozy with air bubbling in from the warm basement. They even have their own window, so they can get a little sunlight through the snow.

The christmas cactus is blooming profusely as usual..

Holly in the front flower beds. The roads were still very slippery, so instead of doing my Christmas shopping....

I made a jumble pie... Apple cranberry cinnamon walnut with bitter chocolate at the bottom.



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