Saturday, July 14, 2007

Pictures of our Good Planet

To start us off, Skylar sent us 4 (four!) for me to choose from, and greedy me, I chose all of them(of course)

1. Lake Diablo in the North Cascades of Washington state....the aquamarine color of this lake along the N Cascade Loop Scenic Drive gives it a surreal look.

2. Near Newport, Oregon where the seagulls and a fishing boat add to the picturesque seascape along the central Oregon coast. We are always mesmerized by the various shades of blue and lavender we see on this coast.

3. Elephant Seals near San Simeon, California. These huge 2 ton males spar for love along the beach, and then rest in the sand exhausted from their efforts.

4. Golden Horn Granitic Batholiths in the North Cascades presents a different geological terrain of the Cascades which move from lush, green elevation to bare rock rising toward the sky. This reminded me of a sand castle with its intricate spires.

Two From Evan :

here's a mourning dove in winter

And a picture of a great purple anemone which I happened to came across in the northern area of the great barrier reef.

From C.Corax : Two Pics

The first is an immature red-tailed hawk sitting on a roof and studying me very carefully.

The second photo is a detail of a common green darner.

From Bev Wigney at the
Burning Silo blog

Dogbane Beetle (Chrysochus auratus) on leaf of Spreading Dogbane (Apocynum androsaemifolium)

Unidentified Katydid on Black-eyed Susan flower
(Rudbeckia hirta)

Liza Lee Miller

Thought everyone could use the cooling influence of a redwood tree!

Wanderin' Weeta (With Waterfowl and Weeds) sends us two:

The pink flowers are a cultivar of dogwood, found growing in Bear Creek Park, Surrey. And the white flowers are tiny, tiny flowers on my boxwood hedge, so small I didn't even know they were there until I went looking for a crab spider I thought I had seen.

Dawn from Washington sent us:

this is a song sparrow soaking up the sun after a cloudy morning yesterday.

From Robin Andrea at
the Dharma Bums

I've barely been out taking photographs, but I checked back a few days and found this one. The baby had been somewhere in our front yard, and the momma was off by the driveway. When I came out of the house they both ran up the driveway to the road, and I slowly went out there and snapped this pic.

Dave from Alaska sent in this cutie:

This is a baby Merlin that fell from it's nest and Ma & Pa were no where to be found. It was brought into the Bird Treatment and Learning Center in Anchorage, Alaska where it was fed, watered, weighed and checked over before it was sent home with a foster mom.

Dave Dorsey
Bird Treatment and Learning Center
6132 Nielson Way, Anchorage, AK 99518
Returning Birds to the Wild since 1988

From Tara, a slide show that's basically an ad. But still, they are good photos.

this is a departure from the usual "Good Planets"
submission, but I think might be most appropriate.

And finally, two from my walk by the river yesterday:

Amazing difference between flood stage and the regular flow, most of this shoreline and back into the woods is under water in the spring. Yesterday I walked on a sandbar right out into the middle of the stream.

This snag washed up about 10 feet into the woods off of a bend in the stream.

That's all for the Good Planets this week, next submission date is 07/27 - send your pics of our good planet to me at sbgypsy @
So many thanks to Robin Andrea for starting this traveling picture show, I had a great time with all these beauties.

*as always, click on the pic for a larger view.

...And feel free to hang around for a few and enjoy the pics downthread...


Blogger robin andrea said...

These are all so beautiful. What a great look at this very good planet.

9:09 AM, July 14, 2007  
Blogger Sky said...

Fabulous sample of our beautiful planet. I especially loved the redwood and the snag!

2:51 PM, July 14, 2007  
Anonymous C. Corax said...

Again, I'm dazzled. You all make me wish I were footloose and fancy free, as they say. I'd love to travel to the places shown, from sbgypsy's beatiful river to the Oregon coast and up through Canada and into Alaska. What a wonderful journey those photos promise.

I also like how Bev's beetle's colors match the dragonfly's colors. :)

6:44 PM, July 14, 2007  
Blogger Woodstock said...

What a wonderful find! Thank you. It's a blah Sunday for me and these remind me that beauty is always there even if I'm having trouble raising my eyes to see it.

1:05 PM, July 15, 2007  
Anonymous jeanne marie said...

Beauty every where!

Thanks for hosting, Gypsy!

4:34 PM, July 15, 2007  
Anonymous oldwhitelady said...

Gorgeous photos. It's so wonderful to see such rich beauty of our planet.

2:19 AM, July 16, 2007  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A lovely collection, and Elephant seals too! Cant go wrong with bugs
thank you Gypsy for hosting!

10:32 AM, July 16, 2007  
Blogger isabelita said...

Thank you for putting these up. I'm from the state of Washington, and really savored that shot of the granite peaks in the North Cascades...looks like great climbing!

12:36 PM, July 18, 2007  

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