Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Open Letter to Senator Olympia Snowe

Dear Senator Snowe,

I read in the news that Republican lawmakers are going to block the bill that was just proposed to bring the troops home. We have someone in the White House who has no clue how to end this war (simply “to win” is not a strategy). In fact, if I was inclined to believe that any president would work against the interests of the people of the United States of America, I would believe that of this president.

I would like the congress of the United States to put America’s citizens ahead of President Bush’s ego. I would expect the Congress of the United States to do the practical and pragmatic thing to protect the US economy, which is being drained for generations by this illegal and immoral war.

I would expect the Congress of the United States to put democratic principles and ideals to the forefront when they deal with the other countries of the world. This war violates the founding principles and ideals of the US. We don’t tell others how to live. We do not depose the leaders of other countries. We don’t start wars.

Now the news tells us that our President is saying the same darn things about Iran as he said about Iraq just before he busted in there like a big bully and trashed the place, killing many tens of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens and creating an unstable magnet for the anger and despair of a raped and assaulted culture. We cannot sustain another war.

Face it, he’s an idiot, and he’s cashing checks we cannot cover.

There are members of our National Guard who are being called upon to serve their FIFTH tour of duty in Iraq. *FIFTH*


Think about that for a minute. These are people who volunteered to protect the States, not dodge bullets halfway around the world.

If not now, Ms Snowe, exactly when?

Thank You

SB Gypsy
Office Manager

*faxed to (202)224-1946

update 07/11/07
Woo Hoo Sen Snowe and Hagel told the white house not to wait until Sept


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