Monday, January 07, 2008

Toyota Double Dealing on eco-tech {sigh}

Jim Motavallis, of the Wheels blog:
The domestic auto industry, as far as I can see, is using all its still-considerable political clout to drive right off a cliff. And who's at the wheel? George W. Bush.

After keeping the state in suspense for months, the Bush administration finally did what was expected on Dec. 19 and denied California the right to set its own rules for carbon dioxide emissions from cars and trucks.

~ snip ~

So carmakers [who filed suit to prevent CA from requiring higher standards] celebrated "victory" with the Bush/EPA ruling, but if it allows them to continue building SUVs (at least for a while) their own bottom line will be the loser. Just last week, Toyota, which says it will offer its entire product line in hybrid form, announced that it plans to sell 9.85 million vehicles worldwide in 2008, probably outdistancing GM. The company also said it will commercialize notoriously difficult but very long-lasting lithium-ion batteries in 2008, paving the way for the first plug-in hybrid vehicles. The Big Three need to watch Toyota closely...

The big three American Automakers just got PWNED by Toyota, who supported and joined in the suit who's outcome is reported above. I checked, because I don't want to buy my next car from any company that was involved in beating back public action against global warming.

So, Toyota supported the lawsuit that made it impossible to require US automakers to give us hybrids now, but they are offering all of their new cars in hybrid form....

Hmmmm, what's wrong with that picture?

The whole column is here


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