Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Edwards Suspending his Campaign

Shakes' Sis has the transcript of Edwards' farewell speech...

He says Clinton and Obama are falling over themselves to take on his anti-poverty campaign, Methinks they just want his votes.

* Oh Woe * I'll be holding my nose in November I guess.
Maybe I'll just stay home for the first time, rather than voting for more of the same. If the election was today, I would stay home.

We need national primaries, all on the same day, with no reporting of preliminary totals until everyone in the country gets a chance to register their choice. This crap of having 1% of the party - in open caucuses that let independents and republicans in to choose our candidates really sucks big time. I hate it that I haven't even gotten a chance to vote yet, and my candidate is bowing out.


Blogger robin andrea said...

Roger and I were Edwards supporters, and his leaving before we had a chance to vote really hurts. We watched his farewell speech, and saw that we were losing the only voice of the common people. Yes, we'll vote in November, but suspect that it will all be about status quo, little changes and nothing else.

5:34 PM, January 30, 2008  

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