Thursday, January 24, 2008

Open Letter to Senator Reid

the bitter winter of our discontent

Via Email:
Dear Senate Majority Leader Reid,

Let me review your words:

"We have to finish FISA this week. Everyone should be aware of that point. We have to finish it this week. I know there are important trips people want to take. We have the very important economic conference in Davos that Democrats and Republicans alike would like to go to."

If you seriously think that conferences, trips and retreats are more important than the Constitution of the United States of America and the rule of law [that you have vowed to protect and enforce], then I respectfully submit that you should RESIGN and go on your trips and retreats.

In my mind, and the minds of a vast percentage of the voting public, the Constitution and the rule of law are very important indeed, and we welcome Senators Dodd, Finegold, and anyone else who is willing to protect the Constitution and enforce the Rule of Law to hold a fillibuster to prevent those who would do damage to the Constitution and subvert the Rule of Law from being successful.

That you speak out against these patriots says volumes about you and your aims in Congress. It tells me that you are there to give our pResident everything he desires.

As Pelosi said, there are consequences to elections, and if the Senate keeps wimping out and bowing on it's knees to the 26% rated White House occupant, then we will find others to fill the Senate that know where to find their spines and do what they've been hired by the people to do: oversight on the other two branches of government. This means that you do not give everything to the criminals who have usurped your power - you fight them with tooth, nail, words, subpoenas, and the rule of law, and you don't stop fighting them until they stop committing crimes and leave office [preferably in chains and under the escort of a sherriff].

If the crimes of the Bush administration are allowed to stand, we will never get our democratic republic back. Are you willing to go down in infamy as the one who tolled the death knell of this American Experiment?

SB Gypsy

Via Snail Mail:

Dear Senator Reid,

You're not giving them Hell, you're giving them a BJ!



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