Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Open Letter

Dear Senator Obama,

Here's a quote from the news:

Mr. Obama said that “while other Democrats”[Clinton] supported the amendment, “Barack Obama opposed another Bush foreign policy fiasco.” [the amendment calling on the administration to designate the Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran a foreign terrorist organization]

I'm sorry, but to "oppose" something, you actually have to be present and vote against it. By not voting at all, you let it happen. To "oppose" it, you would have had to organize enough of your colleagues to vote it down. That's called "Leading".

Sorry - the US is in dire need of a LEADER right now, not an absentee "I'm against it because I didn't show up and vote for it" person.

Senator Dodd is showing his leadership on the FISA bill, I suggest you join him in the fillibuster.

Thank You


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