Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Time to bust out of the Box!

WASHINGTON - Democrats are in a box on the Iraq war debate, lacking the votes to pass legislation ordering troops home by spring but tied to a support base that wants nothing less.

Two days of testimony from Gen. David Petraeus, the military commander in Iraq, and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador there, seemed only to harden positions among lawmakers. GOP

conservatives said real progress was finally being made and more time was needed, whereas Democrats said the absence of a political deal in Baghdad meant the strategy failed.

Absent any significant changes in the political landscape, Democrats are where they were before the August recess: without the 60 Senate votes needed to pass anti-war legislation unless they soften their demands.

What I'd like to know is just why they cannot turn the pressure around, and send the legislation to Bushco to veto, and hold a presser to let the country know they did what their conciences dictated, and if it's not good enough for Bush, let him figure out how to get the money he needs to keep the troops in that hellhole.

Perhaps they need to take out that old tool, the fillibuster. Require all the Democratic party Senators to give the speech of their lives for it, and make sure all of it is televised, and use the speeches for their reelections.

I know, I know, the dems are technically in the majority and the fillibuster is a tool of the minority. In this I feel that those who wish to stop the war are effectively in the minority. And, it would give them a whole lot of time to make their case.

I'm just an office manager, and I can think of several ways to get it done. All I can logically take from this is that either the Dems are in collusion with the warmongers, have been bought, or are too cowardly to stand in defense of our constitution and our way of life.

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