Monday, May 07, 2007


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What the jihadis cannot figure out is :

We armed them in their war against the Soviets and cheered from the sidelines as they brought down a super power. Then we took "credit".

Now we're in the same damn countries, trying to do the same damn thing the soviets were trying to do, and we think we're immune from the same pressures and strategies the jihadis used to such good effect on the Soviets.

In the face of the above, we mold ourselves to be more and more like the Soviets every day, yet we still do not recognise our danger.

If I recall, back when abortions were illegal and very rare, couples were forced to marry or give the child up for adoption. Was that so good for families? Was everyone happy?

Like my Mom, who had six children when she only wanted two (I was #4); or my grandmother, who had EIGHT!

Both supremely stressed and unhappy people, who made their families just as miserable as they were.

The planet will live on in whatever state it is in, however, it is humanity that will suffer. And as I sit and wonder, like so many other people in this country, where are the marchers in the streets, where are the voices screaming for injustices to cease, for greed and apathy to let go of it's hold

Why do I keep seeing people wondering where all the marchers are? That was a '60's and '70's thing. This is a new century, where the journalists don't report on demonstrations, unless it's to spin and lie. It's a new century, where demonstrations are confined to grease laden parking lots with 10 foot fences in the back of nowhere where noone will see them. So, why bother - it's a new century, where our voices are only heard in a new medium, and the old media mavens don't listen. We need the fairness doctrine put back.

No matter what problem I look at, no matter which direction I approach the problems from, it all comes back to :

We're screwed until we get the money out of politics, and define Corporations as less than a person.


Blogger oldwhitelady said...

Good observations.

It's okay for us to do these things, just not for any other country... unless that country is one of our friends.

Abortion has been around for a long time. The rich women were able to travel to more accessible abortions or had their doctors give a different dx.

11:59 PM, May 08, 2007  

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