Wednesday, January 24, 2007

National Priorities Project

To find out what your state is spending on the Iraq war, click here (adobe acrobat alert)

The state of Connecticut has paid out 9.2 Billion of the 378 Billion that the Iraq war has cost so far. We have suffered 23 military deaths, and 190 wounded.

Codpiece's "Surge" will cost the nation some 5.6 billion more, and the interest payments on what Bushco has borrowed to finance the war come to another 100 Billion. Add around 100 Billion MORE for long term medical care for all the wounded.

I wonder if Utah thinks that the 2 Billion they paid for fubar is worth it?

Remember "The Iraqi Oil will pay for the war."

It would only cost 1.5 Billion...

Only 10 billion...

Only ...

And as long as we're talking about costs:
From Lester Brown over at Huffington Post

As concerns over climate change have mounted in recent years, nuclear energy has been touted as a viable alternative to our current dependency on carbon-intensive energy sources.

The truth however, is that when the real costs of nuclear power are considered, the energy source is quickly taken out of the running.

In fact, on a level playing field with no taxpayer subsidies, nuclear power is dead. If utilities pay the full costs of nuclear waste disposal, of insurance against an accident, and of decommissioning plants that are worn out, the cost of nuclear power will far exceed that of other promising alternatives.

This notion of real costs is something that our fossil-fuel-based throwaway economy does not take into account.
~ snip ~

...when real costs are included in the pricing of goods, it is the greener, alternative energy sources - like wind, solar, and geothermal - that emerge as the cheapest, most viable solutions to our current model.

Read that article, it has links to online resources about real world energy costs..


Blogger Frederick said...

Did Bush even say the phrase, "Global Warming" last night?

11:14 PM, January 24, 2007  
Blogger andi said...

i overheard someone in the canteen this morning saying "... i thought it was a really good speech. and cheney said ..."

that's all i heard.

to have butted in would have been rude and useless. but it was still very tempting. i mean, maybe she was talking about webb's response to the SOTU?

one can only hope.

8:23 AM, January 25, 2007  
Blogger SB Gypsy said...

Hey Frederick,

I don't know. As soon as he started talking about how Congress should balance the budget, and how Congress should stop inserting earmarks into bills in the dead of the night, I got so sick that I had to change the channel. Bwaaaa ha ha ha

Hey Andi,

My brother, a raving neocon if there ever was one(his byline is "Nuke 'em from orbit: we can drill through glass" ) thought W's speech was great! And, he thought that the congress-critters of the democratic pursuasion were bad- bad- bad- boys and girls for not giving the Duh-B a standing O for every golden phrase uttered. Good lord, and he usta have a brain!

11:59 AM, January 25, 2007  
Blogger opit said...

The Onion has the last word on the war. ( We're not sure how much more success we can take ! )

1:35 AM, February 10, 2007  

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