Tuesday, January 09, 2007

From Media Matters:

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When George W. Bush addresses the American people tomorrow night on the future of Iraq, the media will be faced with an important choice:

In the critical post-speech coverage, the media can turn to conservative talking heads who parrot White House talking points for analysis, just as they have done for years, or they can recognize the changes in Washington demanded by the American people and provide progressives equal time to respond to Bush's remarks.

ยป Use the links on the right{at bottom} to contact the major networks and make sure they offer progressives equal time to analyze Bush's speech!

In September, the networks broadcast Bush's prime-time speech -- in which he repeated his campaign rhetoric about Iraq -- without offering Democratic rebuttal. ABC and CBS didn't even report the Democrats' request for equal time.

If we are to ensure that the president's speech receives the full consideration and response it deserves by serious news outlets, we need you to act now.

Please contact the major cable and network newsrooms (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and CNN-HLN) and tell them you demand that their post-speech coverage include the opportunity for a full and equal response by prominent progressive leaders.

Let them know that having three conservatives and one journalist on a panel to discuss the president's Iraq policy just won't cut it anymore.

This November, the overwhelming cry for change sent shockwaves through the corridors of power in Washington. Now, we expect those same cries to be heard on our airwaves as well.

Only by working together and demanding change can we make certain that the era of one-party rule over the nation's news airwaves comes to an end.

David Brock

Progressives Deserve a Voice in Coverage of Tomorrow Night's Bush Speech on Iraq

Please contact the major cable & network newsrooms by clicking the links below. Tell them you demand that their post-speech coverage include the voices of prominent progressive leaders.

ABC News

E-mail: E-mail form

NBC News



CNN Headline News
CNN Headline News

Fox News Channel
FOX News Channel


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Great idea! Thanks for the links.

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