Thursday, April 22, 2010

The End of Oil: Time to Work Together

Through the continuing embargo of Cuba, the US government keeps trying to smother this small country. Cuba just keeps taking the lemons that we throw at it, and making the juciest sweetest lemonade.

We disrupt their economy by withholding energy and trade, they transform their society to welcome the new age, and in the process end up with a leaner, greener, healthier, more community oriented populace. Moreover, they do it in less than 5 years.

We've had twice that long to mull this over, and a large minority in our country is still chanting "drill baby drill", and we've done nothing in any real practical sense about it.

So - if you want a taste of what's to come here eventually, check out this vid. It's a little long, runs about an hour, but I found it very inspiring.


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