Monday, August 17, 2009

The Land of the Fee, The Home of the Grave

Dear President Obama,

I watched Michael Moore's "Sicko" last night, then woke up to hear your voice saying it was OK to "Compromise on the Public Option".

For the first time, I actually felt ashamed of my country, and the people who would throw the poor and the sick into the street rather than give them the care that any person (hell, any DOG or CAT) deserves. What happened to pulling together, caring for the unfortunate, we're-all-in-this-together?

I voted for you, not to compromise all of our principles in order to win over a few Republicans, but to get Universal Healthcare done, to get Wall Street re-regulated, and to get a fair shake for the vast majority of the United States citizens that have watched our jobs be offshored and our pay reduced and our benefits cancelled.

All you do is compromise, water down, and beg the Republicans to join you. All they do is laugh and take the compromise, and then vote against everything you worked for.

If I wanted Republicans calling the shots, I'd have voted for them.

My question is: When the Medicare Pharmacy bill was pushed through, the Big Medical Industrial complex bought off all the politicians that were involved in it. It wasn't much for them... a couple hundred thou each, and the president got almost a Million.

So - How much did you get to throw away all the Reform in the Health Care "Reform" bill? Did you at least get a couple Mill for selling us all down the river? Or, did you do as all the dems do, and sell out cheap? I really want to know how much it takes to strip someone of their humanity...

Really - HOW MUCH?


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