Sunday, July 13, 2008

Here Comes The Sun (doot 'n do do..)

I have a new button on my sidebar to the left: clicking on the blue flower will take you to my picasa photo album, with most of the pics I've posted over the last 3 years. The album contains all the visuals that have been posted on my blog (some nature pics from the good earth posts, plus all cartoons and graphs - are not mine, but if I delete them from the album, they disappear from the blog) Feel free to download and use these pics, but understand that I consider them under copywrite. Enjoy!

From the NY Times:

“Seventy-five thousand people do not attend political rallies unless something truly magical is happening,” Bob Blanchard wrote on May 18 in the comment section accompanying an account of the rally on the New York Times’s Web site. “Our great country will soon close the book on ‘government by division,’ and embrace ‘government by inclusion.’ ”

So - just as the Republicans are spiraling down the toilet, it's time for "inclusion" rather than "division".

The Song Remains the Same


Blogger John said...

I like the photo of the coneflower with the fritillary on it.

3:02 PM, July 14, 2008  

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