Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Push Back

I have long wanted pushback on those of the Dem persuasion who are working along with Bushco to deny our constitutional rights in order to further their own quest for power. Steny Hoyer and Rham Emanuel are two of the worst offenders, right now lying thru their teeth while they work with Bush to provide amnesty to AT&T and all their friends for spying on the American public.

Yesterday a new alliance was formed between liberty loving people of all political persuasions to fight the march of repression in the US. Glenn Greenwald has the complete info here. When I clicked over to make my contribution, We had already raised almost $146,000.00 for the express purpose of defending our constitutional rights against a corrupt and power hungry political establishment. Please read the whole thing, and if you have the ching to apply, let's push the hell back at them!

06/19/08 10am UPDATE:

$197,210 Has been collected in two days for the express purpose of defending our 4th amendment and constitutional rights to privacy and to warranted-only searches.



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