Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Open Letter to MSNBC

Dear Sirs,

Please loose The Scar on your new show Race for the White House. Old Joe has his own MSNBC morning show where he can yell and browbeat his co-hosts all he wants, isn’t that enough? I personally am so tired of all the shouting and crude and rude behavior on these shows that I've stopped watching them.

So. Please - no more shouting over other people, no rudeness and boorishness.

The disrespect that your "news persons" (stenographers and opinion staters- they certainly are NOT investigative reporters) show to their guests is pathetic and indicative of their lack of intelligence and lack of wit. I take it as gospel that the rudeness is meant to cover stupidity. It only underlines it in my book.

Thank You

SB Gypsy



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