Monday, August 20, 2007

Another View....

This video lays out in plain english a point of view that doesn't get a whole lot of coverage here in teh states. I get so frustrated with those super-religious christianists who try to shove their small mindedness down my throat. (those christians who live their ideals and keep their religion out of my face - I have NO problem with!) I myself, do not believe in sin. I do not believe in "original sin", nor do I believe that simply thinking something can be a crime against God or Goddess. ( their actions shall you know them...)

If you cannot control yourself and do not know right from wrong, then by all means please use a religion as your guide. What I particularly resent is when someone who so desperately needs such guidence to live peacefully with others ends up telling ME, when they do not even know me, that I cannot live an ethical and noble life without their crutch.

I say - stop laying your failures at my doorstep, is all.

hattip to Blondesense for the linkie!


Anonymous momadness said...

AMEN! (and no pun intended)

12:24 PM, August 21, 2007  

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