Friday, October 14, 2005

Open letter to the DNC

Dear Sirs,

This organizational rebuilding is all well and good - and I mean that literally. It is indespensible for a viable party, and should have been followed all along.

That said, what's sorely missing is for the politicians - the erstwhile "leaders" of the democratic movement - to stand up and proclaim their support for the base. To stand up for progressive principles, and mean it.

We are all so tired of the corruption in Washington, and the Democrats in congress are feeding from the corporate trough just as much as the republicans, they are just not getting as fat as their opponents! I call it the training program: get them used to handouts from lobbyists, make their own bought and sold politicians bulletproof thereby. (you can't complain about someone else's corruption if you are doing the same thing...)

And so - stand and be counted! Articulate the progressive ideals, and grow in influence. Give us the same old same old, the Bill Clinton triangulation, and we will find someone who really believes to carry our torch. We don't need the scheming and cynical mouthing of what you think we want; the campaign promises that fade away as soon as the election is over.

This country desperately needs the progressive agenda set out fluently, cogently, and pursuasively. It can only be accomplished by people who believe in the equality of all people, the importance of living sustainably, and the strength of the middle class to spread prosperity. For, that is what we are talking about: prosperity.

When the republicans cling to the dying remnants of the oil economy, they are looking backwards to the gilded age of limited resources and diminishing returns.

When the progressives say: let's build a new economy on limitless sustainable and renewable resources, we are looking forward to a new golden age of prosperity. Choose well, it will affect your lives and family for generations.



Anonymous The Fat Lady Sings said...

Definitely! I do agree. Problem is getting any of the powers that be to listen. Do you ever send anything like this to any of your representatives? I do on occasion and always get the canned reply back, if I get a reply at all.

The only exception was Jesse Helms, when I lived in North Carolina. Helms had a bad record on environmental issues (amongst many other bad records). So I wrote him about it. The letter he sent back said essentially – ‘don’t worry your pretty head, after all you’re just a girl’. And there you have it.

1:57 AM, October 15, 2005  
Blogger SB Gypsy said...

This is one I actually sent to the DNC (in reply to a request for donations/this is what's happening type of communication) I write letters to my reps constantly. Lieberman invariably sends me form letters, thanking me for my input, and telling me all about what he's doing in relation to the subject that is required on the email form.

I tried mixing up the auto reply, by choosing and unrelated subject, and got the auto reply to the subject, not to the content of my email.

Chris Shays and Rob Simmons and Chris Dodd all send nice replys, and I wonder if they get tired of my emails. Nancy Johnson won't take an email from me, and I've sent her snail mail about some things.

1:43 PM, October 15, 2005  

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